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Who We Are

Turkish-Ukrainian joint venture OUS Otomotiv Makina Imalat Sanayi ve Ticaret develops and produces Specia Tools and Test Benches for diesel services since 2009 under the trademark ONE UNIVERSAL SOLUTION. Despite the relatively young age Of the company, our solutions are based on over thirty years of experience of diesel fuel equipment repairing in the Authorized Diese services TEKNIK DIZEL SERVICE (Turkey) and AUTODIESEL (Ukraine).

We offer our own unique clamping devices and test equipment that allow to repair, test, and maintain the modern diesel fuel injection systems of all well-known manufacturers, using one universal workstation.

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Our clamps lets you do your work on unit injectors and unit pumps in any required position. Make all necessary measurements directly on device.


Inline Pumps clamping device is suitable for saddle type pumps with flat support and radius support and also for flange-mounting type pumps.